Friday, March 6, 2009

What Creed is up to these days?

He passed the 9 month mark and is pushing 10 months. He has 6 teeth but doesnt' really like to eat food. He'll eat a few bites of cracker and a couple bites of banana or cereal but that is it. He can drink a bit from a sippy cup but tries to "chew" the water. It is pretty funny to watch.
He still doesn't crawl but rolls around and I caught him up on his knees today so I know he is close. He is also close to sitting himself back up. I bet he'll have it in a day or two. There isn't much point in learning when you holler "AHHHHH!!!!" and someone comes running to pop you back up to sitting.
He still doesn't sleep all night but we are a bit closer than we were. We've been making him tough it out a bit; making a man out of him you know. ;-)
He loves to be read to, played with, sang to. Actually, he finds it funny when I sing to him and tries to grab my mouth. Maybe he is actually trying to get me to be quiet! He enjoys our afternoon walks and being outside in general.
Here are some recent pictures:



Almost Crawling....



Christi said...

He is such a bundle of cuteness! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't know anyone who has cuter kids than you (well OK I guess I should say I think mine are but is it bad to say I think it's a tie?). LOL

Dawn (HK)

Melaleucamom said...

That last pic looks like an Elizabeth grin!

Jamison said...

Hey! We have those jammies! What a CUTIE!!!!!
Sorry I am just now getting around to changing your blog on our blog...I've been lazy--well, more like, distracted. But it's done now! ;)

Janelle said...

So cute! It always brightens my day to see his grin. :)