Friday, March 20, 2009

Video of Creed Dancing

Notice how intense his eyes are and how he stops to look at his hands as if to say, "What are you doing?" And then there is the flash of Jon to prove he really does play!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Feasting and Fasting

Peter Leithart reflects on feasting and fasting in the life of Adam, the life of Christ, and the life of the believer at First Things website. It is well-worth checking out and you can do so here.

One More Night

On Friday Jack misplaced his monkey Vines. We all searched but couldn't find him anywhere. He cried himself to sleep, but since he is worn out at night it didn't take long. The next morning he started looking for him as soon as he got up. We all looked again. We never did find him. That night and the next night he went to bed okay and without crying.

Monday, I bought a yellow Gerbera daisy in a yellow pot to take to the cemetery. I walked in the house with the flower and you would have thought the kids had never seen a flower before. They were so excited I had bought a flowering plant and pestered me with questions. They wanted to know were we going to plant it outside, where I was going to put it, and could they keep it in their rooms. I kind of hated to tell them it was going to the cemetery because then not only would they know we weren't keeping the flower at home but I'd make them sad too. I told them it was to take to the cemetery anyway, and we started thinking about when we could go. Jack wanted to know if everyone could take something like last time. They all took individual flowers then and laid them on Knox's grave. I told him that they probably could. Then he wanted to know if he could take Knox some of his cars because Knox liked to play cars you know. Yes, I know and yes, I told him that he could take some. He picked out a couple to take and then it was like he just couldn't get it out of his brain that we were going to the cemetery to take things to Knox's grave and well, it is always hard for me to think of taking them to the cemetery where it seems like death is harsh and real.

So back to Vines, the monkey. When it came time to go to bed, Jack breaks down in tears. He lays himself across my lap and sobs. "I just can't go another night without Vines; I just love him so." My mind immediately went to Knox. Then I wondered. Is this just about Vines? Or is it really about Knox? He's five; it is probably just about Vines. I understand his sadness though because for me it is about Knox. I know all about not wanting to go another day or another night because I love him so.

And the yellow Gerbera...because I think of him in yellow.

Monday, March 16, 2009

A funny for all my Grace Bible friends

We are starting Tapestry of Grace today because everyone starts new curriculum in March, right? Anyway, Emma got out of bed and Jack said, "Hey, Emma! We get to start our Grace Bible thing today!"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

By my hands

I haven't done one of these in a while but that isn't because I haven't been sewing. I won't torture you with pictures of all the stuff I never got around to posting but here are two of the most recent things I made/finished this week.

First is a dress. The pattern is really for a very long top and only went up to a 6/7 so I lengthened it and made it a dress for Elizabeth. I don't love it but she does so I guess that is all that matters. I didn't take into account that the ruffle piece should be made fuller since the dress is longer! I decided I really like it best as a shorter shirt to wear with jeans or shorts. This was my first time doing shirring and I really liked it. It is kind of cool because it loosely gathers as you sew it adn then you steam it with your iron shrinking the elastic thread.
And second, remember Anne Michal's tie-dye quilt that I started last January or February. I finally finished it. I love the red polka dot back! I am rather sad she carried it off to bed tonight or I'd be cuddled up under it right now! Hopefully, I'll get started on another one soon.