Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Creed Funny or Two

  Yesterday Mom, the kids and I went with our friends Peggy and Carol to a corn maze in Snook.  Creed got tired of walking and told Carol that his stomach hurt and asked her to carry him.  She said, "Oh, is your stomach telling me to carry you?"  He said, "No, my lips are!"

I am laughing all over again.

And another one...

Jack and Emma were riding their bikes on our street.  Creed wanted to go out and ride his tricycle.  I told him he was too little to be out front with him but maybe when he was four.  He says, "Well, now I am four."  So I said, "Well, maybe when you are five then."  So of course he says, "Now I am five!" Then for good measure he adds, "And now I am six!"

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Princess Fang II

She now has a matching set of fangs though the middle teeth are very painfully making there way in as well.  Teething is not this girl's friend!