Wednesday, January 9, 2013

   We are spending a few days in Jackson, MS this week and took the kids (minus Elizabeth who has been sick) to Friendship Park in Madison.  We used to go their frequently when Anne Michal and Elizabeth were babies and toddlers.  It was a fun walk down memory lane.
 When Anne Michal wasn't much older than Janey Kate, we came to the park one Friday and she started to play as usual, but she got about where she is standing in this picture and looked down through the holes in the play structure and froze.  She screamed and hollered until we picked her up and refused to move a muscle.  She was terrified she was going to fall.  It took a number of trips back to the park before she got over her fear.

   Emma on the fun tire swing.

 Janey Kate has no fear.
 At the top...

 Getting tickled
 I believe I can fly...

 Another act of bravery...
 Don't be fooled. That is not Dad; it is Bob, the hairy monster.

 Bob, the hairy monster, sneaking up on a couple of boys.

 She played and played and played.

 A "who can swing the highest" contest.

 Snack time...his favorite!

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