Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello and Goodbye

  Word in the cookie aisle at Wal-mart yesterday was that the bakery workers at Hostess had gone on strike and the company was going out of business. I got kid of tickled that there was a buzz about it between the guys from different companies stocking shelves.  I, of course, heard this several times throughout the day from various sources.
  I can't remember when we have ever bought any Hostess products.  Every once in a blue moon we have bought a Little Debbie's product, but we tend to be bakers and not buyers. It did; however, seem unamerican or something for my kids to not ever to have had a Hostess item so Anne Michal and I were in Kroger today and picked up a few random items for sampling. My pick was the chocolate zingers to take me back to the glory days of Glasgow High School and what I occasionally bought for lunch. Anne Michal incredulously asked me, "You ate that for lunch????"
 The Greek Yogurt is in the picture because my crazy kids love those things and consider them a great treat.  At over a dollar a piece they are a bit pricey to buy for 6 kids so I always snatch them up when they are marked down for quick sale (19 cents a piece today!!!!).  Creed was way more excited about getting one of those than anything on the plate!!!
 We cut them all up so everyone could try a piece of everything. (Janey Kate was napping)

 I am sure Elizabeth would like you to know that she is sick and has been on the couch all day. ;-)  She asked me what that stuff on top was right after this picture.  Really stiff icing???
 Emma eating a piece of apple pie and wondering why the crust was all weird. I actually thought the pie was pretty good.
Janey Kate eating part of a vanilla zinger after her nap.  She ate half of it and ditched the rest for a yogurt.

   The consensus overall was that Jack liked them all which was no big surprise! Elizabeth said she liked them all but the honey bun was her favorite.  Creed liked the vanilla zinger the best.  Anne Michal saved hers for later and Janey only had the one kind.  For those who feel the need to know, Elizabeth and I decided we like the chocolate zingers better than swiss rolls as they have more of a chocolate flavor.