Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Poem for Knox

From Josh's blog

Another for Knox

Another year is here, again,
Why must we remember?
It still hurts to relive the pain,
For hearts that remain tender.

Another year is here, dear boy,
We will not soon forget.
You who are always a joy,
Are waiting for us yet.

Another year is here, still here,
We can only see so far.
You who live without tears,
Free from stain and mar.

Another year is here, sweet child,
But my how you must grow!
In the presence of the Meek and Mild,
We long to know as you know.

Another year is here, yet still,
A part longs for the past.
We miss you as we ever will,
Until Heaven is ours at last.

Another year is hear, God's own,
And God's own you always are.
In our hearts too you are known,
Still close, though yet still far.

Another year is here, and past,
The past is always leaving.
Becoming present is the future, fast,
When fast to you we'll be cleaving.

Another year is here, and soon,
Is the year of never ending.
We're coming upon the Lord's boon,
Our hearts ever ascending.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A photo caption in the Brigham Young University Daily Universe erroneously referred to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the Mormon Church as "the Twelve Apostates." All 18,000 copies of the newspaper were recalled and destroyed to avoid offending church officials.

Storming the Bastille

A poll found that 45 percent of the French thought it was perfectly acceptable for laid-off staff at three companies to hold top managers hostage - a practice know as "bossnapping."

Gay Tourists

Recession-battered New York City launched an ad campaign aimed at convincing gays and lesbians that a visit to the city is the equivalent of a Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. The new "Rainbow Pilgrimage" campaign, timed to the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in Greenwich Village, describes a visit to the city as "a rite of passage."

Monday, April 13, 2009

In memory

of the brother I have yet to meet...

the ratty chair....

the drool...

the crocs...


Sunday, April 12, 2009

To talk about Knox or not to talk about Knox...

since the question comes up(though usually not to me) of whether or not to talk of him to me or anyone in the family for that matter, I'll answer. ;-)

If you are talking about him, just to mention him because you think you have to then don't. It will be forced.

If you want to talk of him, but don't because you are afraid to, then do.

If that just leaves you more confused than ever then err on the side of talking. ;-) We like to talk about him just like we do any of our kids.


Easter is a hard time of year for us. Knox's accident took place 5 days after Easter with Easter being the last big event we celebrated with him. We have lots and lots of memories of that day which fortunately came with many pictures as well. Sometimes I find myself annoyed that I have to connect Easter with his death and have found myself really bah humbug this week.( That is if bah humbug can go with Easter as well as Christmas)
But really that is silly because Easter is what gives us our hope. Our fallen world so full of sin; the same sin that brought death to our son. But that sin has been taken care of; erased. Easter reminds me that Jesus is a man of sorrows. That God sacrificed his son. He knows what it is to watch his son die. But because he did and Christ's blood was shed, our sins are washed away, and we have that blessed hope in eternity. Eternity where we are united with Christ and reunited with our son as well. Our son who already knows the joys of heaven and has been spared the pains of life. Beautiful really...just so hard to keep in sight.

By My hands

First...the Easter dresses. I used the same pattern but let them kind of choose the fabric. Emma wanted plain brown(???) so we compromised on turquoise and brown. Anne Michal's is the red and white and Elizabeth's is the blue and white.

I have had the fabric for this dress in my stash for several years proving that sometimes just the right dress comes along and the stash is such a useful thing to have.

Next are short I made for Jack to wear on Easter. I may just have to make all his shorts after this because there is no way these are going to fall off his skinny little waist. ;-)

Last some bermuda shorts I made the girls using this pattern. I took pics from the side, front and back. I love how tailored these are. I did forget the tabs on the red and blue ones.
I do wish it weren't so hard to find good quality fabric that didn't cost a fortune. This fabric, actually wasn't cheap but notice how the brown pair has faded. I made these several weeks ago and I think they have been washed 4 times. The others I just finished today. It is very frustrating. So just consider them a vintage look! ;-)