Sunday, April 12, 2009

To talk about Knox or not to talk about Knox...

since the question comes up(though usually not to me) of whether or not to talk of him to me or anyone in the family for that matter, I'll answer. ;-)

If you are talking about him, just to mention him because you think you have to then don't. It will be forced.

If you want to talk of him, but don't because you are afraid to, then do.

If that just leaves you more confused than ever then err on the side of talking. ;-) We like to talk about him just like we do any of our kids.

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Virginia Gray said...

I have to say that I think about him a lot these days. I know I never met him, but Jamey reminds me so much of what I hear about him. Maybe it's because Jamey is my first boy. Maybe it's because he's close to the age of many of the pictures I see of Knox (Jamey is 16 months old). But Jamey is such an incredible pleasure. Everyone loves him. He makes everyone smile. I think since I was one of two girls, I had no idea how much a mommy could love the nuances of a little boy. And I can't imagine losing him. I know this is a difficult week for you, and I will pray for your joy in God. Thank you for your openness.