Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poem for Knox

From Josh's blog

Another for Knox

Another year is here, again,
Why must we remember?
It still hurts to relive the pain,
For hearts that remain tender.

Another year is here, dear boy,
We will not soon forget.
You who are always a joy,
Are waiting for us yet.

Another year is here, still here,
We can only see so far.
You who live without tears,
Free from stain and mar.

Another year is here, sweet child,
But my how you must grow!
In the presence of the Meek and Mild,
We long to know as you know.

Another year is here, yet still,
A part longs for the past.
We miss you as we ever will,
Until Heaven is ours at last.

Another year is hear, God's own,
And God's own you always are.
In our hearts too you are known,
Still close, though yet still far.

Another year is here, and past,
The past is always leaving.
Becoming present is the future, fast,
When fast to you we'll be cleaving.

Another year is here, and soon,
Is the year of never ending.
We're coming upon the Lord's boon,
Our hearts ever ascending.


Laura said...

You have been on my mind often in these days surrounding the anniversary of Knox's commencement to glory and I have brought you and your family before the throne of grace many times. May He continue to comfort you and to give you strength, hope and peace.

This poem is beautifully honest and hope-filled.

Ashlee said...