Sunday, April 12, 2009

By My hands

First...the Easter dresses. I used the same pattern but let them kind of choose the fabric. Emma wanted plain brown(???) so we compromised on turquoise and brown. Anne Michal's is the red and white and Elizabeth's is the blue and white.

I have had the fabric for this dress in my stash for several years proving that sometimes just the right dress comes along and the stash is such a useful thing to have.

Next are short I made for Jack to wear on Easter. I may just have to make all his shorts after this because there is no way these are going to fall off his skinny little waist. ;-)

Last some bermuda shorts I made the girls using this pattern. I took pics from the side, front and back. I love how tailored these are. I did forget the tabs on the red and blue ones.
I do wish it weren't so hard to find good quality fabric that didn't cost a fortune. This fabric, actually wasn't cheap but notice how the brown pair has faded. I made these several weeks ago and I think they have been washed 4 times. The others I just finished today. It is very frustrating. So just consider them a vintage look! ;-)


Hannah D A said...

The dresses are beautiful and I'm sure that Anne Michal, Lizzy and Emma will only make them more so. . .and I love the shorts. They are too cute. Nicely done Rachel.

waldens4msu said...

sarah susannah and I give all the outfits two thumbs up! They said Jacks shorts were really cute and they loved Emmas brown dress!!