Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011 Post I...Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning

 We almost didn't think we'd pull it off, but what is Christmas without staying up until 2 am.

I even managed to finish(minus tabs to hang them ;-)) the stockings I had been talking about making for the past 6 years.
On Christmas Eve we went to our annual Christmas Eve candlelight service which we always look forward to. (I forgot to take my camera to church) Afterwards we usually eat something light and then open a gift that that we know to be a book.  That way the kids can read their book while winding down for the night.  Jack had also bought gifts for everyone and was so excited that we opened his gifts as well.   He was so proud to give me a big bag of chocolates.:-)

Anne Michal and Creed open Christmas Eve presents.
 All the kids on Christmas morning before stockings.

 Anne Michal with hers while Creed coughs in the background. He has been a bit under the weather.

 Creed with his.  He was very excited for Christmas. 

 Janey Kate snagged her baby doll from her stocking.
 Jack helping her with the rest of hers.
 Emma looking at a necklace.

 Jack with his annual toothbrush.

Janey Kate helped Anne Michal with hers.
  Elizabeth got her favorite flipflops replaced with a bigger pair and conveniently hid her face with them. She wears them year round as much as possible.

Creed and Jack wearing their spy glasses! post Christmas afternoon and evening.