Saturday, January 7, 2012

By Elizabeth's Hands

Elizabeth made this cute little color matching game for Janey Kate.  I first saw it here. She painted each of the little wooden cups a different color with white polka dots.  Then on the doll pegs she made all the faces and hair the same and painted each dress to match one of the cups. While Janey Kate is too young to play the matching game just yet, she still loves the dolls.  Elizabeth is working on some more dolls just for play.  She got a bit carried away taking pictures, but I thought they were fun!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Bee Creek Park

 One of the things I wanted to do this year was to visit some new parks.  We are really fortunate to live in an area with an abundance of parks and they all seem to have something a little bit different.  Our friends, the Bakers, told us they really liked Bee Creek Park so when we had the perfect 75 degree afternoon today we decided to check it out.
We loved the park.  I love how the playground area is far from the street and a good distance from the parking lot too.  There is stuff for big kids and little kids both and lots of grassy areas and best of all plenty of shade!!!
I spent most of the time chasing Janey Kate so she got all the pictures!

 Sliding with Elizabeth...
 In a tunnel

 You'll notice that the only thing that changes in the swing pictures is her face.  She'd laugh a little, smile and squeal but she held on for dear life and her hands and legs hardly moved.  It was so funny.  She looked like she was standing up because she leaned forward and held her legs straight down.

 She wasn't afraid of the stairs and worked on mastering them for a long time. She doesn't really get the stepping or crawling down but she mastered going up!

 An aside about her little dress.  I had been meaning to blog about it and several other things I have made but it seems silly after she has worn it in these pictures and her birthday pictures so her it goes:

It is upcycled from several shirts. It is a combination of Dana's 90 minute shirt and Lil' Blue Boo Sienna's dress(though I didn't actually use the pattern but the concept)  The sleeves were my starting point. They came from a sleeveless onesie she wore last summer that I hated to part with.  The Sienna Dress has raglan sleeves but my pieces weren't big enough for those so I thought about the 90 minutes shirt and decided to combine the two.  The green, pink and red parts are all either old t--shirts that still looked nice or thrifted t-shirts. The bottom piece is cut as a circle so it has a nice little flounce to it.  The shoulders needed a deeper lap so I'll work on that next time because I see more of these in her future; it is a favorite!  I also used this dress on Lil' Blue Boo's site for inspiration as well, but chose to applique my strawberry on including handstitching the seeds so that the strawberry on the front looked just like the ones on her sleeves.

Thursday, January 5, 2012