Thursday, April 4, 2013

Janey Kate in the Poppies

  Janey Kate's second annual photo shoot in Miss Peggy's Poppies.  I took tons of pictures and most of them are so Janey Kate. She was so busy checking everything out and talking to herself. Here are a few favorites.

 This one cracked me up!

And can you believe that Peggy wanted to give her a chocolate chip cookie that dress!!!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Because of Today....Resurrection Day

  This is has always been one of those pictures that kind of haunted me so I am pretty sure I have never posted it. It was taken Easter Sunday 2007 just 5 days before Knox's accident. He looks kind of sad and with longing eyes in this picture.
  But I was thinking about this picture in church today. How he was on the outside looking in like he was one place but wanted to be another but couldn't quite get there.  I've always thought of this picture as him being separated from us knowing that he wouldn't be longing to get to us so the picture seemed messed up. It seemed that the picture should be me out there looking longingly to where he was.
   As I listened to the sermon and was reminded once again(can we ever be reminded enough) of all that has been done for us through Jesus's death and resurrection, I was thinking about how Knox is no longer on the outside looking in. He has arrived. He is there. We got a taste of heaven today as we do each week in worship, but Knox has more than a taste. He isn't looking through a fingerprint stained window trying to see what is to come; he can see clearly and it is good!
   Like every week, I was humbled and blessed to worship with my family, to feast together, and join the saints that have gone before us to praise the Risen Savior.