Thursday, September 22, 2011

Me and My Shadow

 Janey Kate is the Me and I was her shadow as I followed her around the room trying to get a picture of her "fang."  She got the tooth to the right of her front top teeth before the front teeth so she has a cute little fang. She is about ready to get a matching one of the other side.  My friend Kiersten(well it might have been her husband) christened her daughter, Katie, "Princess Fang" when she did the same thing.  Emma was also a Princess Fang.

There it is!!! Finally!

p.s.  Sharon and Mary,do not ask what all the stuff in the background is.  Thank you. The management. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

And A Child Shall Lead Them

    Like most moms, I worry about my kids.  Lot of times the things I want for them seems to be conflicting.  I want life to be easy for them, but yet, I want them to understand the value of hard work  and to not just think that "I want = I get."  I want them to not have to suffer and go through hard things, but I want them to know that God is faithful and steadfast in good and bad times. I want them to be well-liked, but I want them to be choosy about the company they keep and be the kind of peer that leads and not follows. I want them to fit in, but I don't want them to compromise things we value like modesty and edifying speech.  I want them to be creative and imaginative, but I don't want them to feel like they stick out like sore thumbs.Sometimes I find myself trying to encourage them to do, say, or wear that which will keep life most pleasant  for them.
   Elizabeth was telling me about youth group tonight; it was just her second week.She said they had to answer the question: What amazes you?  She told me her answer and commented that she imagined that some people might have thought it was a weird answer.  She said, "I really don't care if they did.  I don't understand why you would care if someone thinks that something you say is weird or they don't like what you are wearing.  If they do, they aren't really the kind of friend you'd be upset about not having."  Maybe I should just back off a bit and find something new to worry about.  I think she is doing just fine!