Saturday, March 9, 2013

 We took our first trip of the season to the Antique Rose Emporium and Baylor Fields.  Elizabeth suggested that we try to get some fun pictures of Janey Kate while we were at it. 
 I love sweet profile pictures.

 She had such a fun day exploring and seeing all the neat things everywhere.
 Can you tell just how crazy windy it was?

 My purple lover in front of the purple fence.

 Swinging in the picnic area.
 She pulled this wagon around all afternoon.  I think I heard, "I do it!" a bazillion times!!
 Elizabeth loves taking pictures of flowers and managed to capture a bee in this one.
 Picnicking right on top of the table. There is no better spot!
 She loved this little cat.
 She kept pretending all the rose tags were phones and would go up and put her face to them and say, "Hello!" 
 Checking the mail. I thought we were in TX???
 The first of the bluebonnets.
 This girl loves to swing!

Until next time!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Peas and Duck Dynasty

Creed and Peas: The Saga told in a series of one liners...
Creed told me the other day that he loved peas...  just loved them.

(uh huh yeah...)
So the other night as I was making dinner I decided to make peas; I told my dad...we will see just how much he likes them.

We sit at the table and Creed says,"Mom, will you please put some peas on my plate. I love them.

"Oh good!!! I made them just for you since you love them so much!!!! "
He said  and a piece of ham was all he wanted.

(my dad had taken him to DQ earlier)
He eats a couple.

"These peas are so good. I like them a lot."

"But...I don't want to eat the smashed ones."

 I show him how to use his spoon instead.  I scoop up a bunch and put them in his mouth.

(* important to know that if he doesn't like something he truly gags and chokes and has a terrible time swallowing it*)
He gagged, and choked, and gagged and heaved.
He was sitting by Liz.
She started freaking out because she was sure he was going to throw up.

Itell her to go get him a paper towel so he can spit them out.
He is green and gagging...

She gets a regular handtowel and lays it on the bench.

He leans over and lets it all fall out.   Tap Foot Tap Foot

Liz...."ewwww...that is just gross. like I am going to want to sit there now."

A bit later..:.I love peas." Looney
Then he comes and sits on my lap.  After a few minutes, he puts his arms up around my neck..".Mama, I love you soooo much. You make the best peas ever. "
   The next night as he is getting ready for bed, he gives me a hug and says, "Do you know why I like peas so much?"  No Creed I can't imagine.  "Because they taste good."  Then after I prayed for him, he says, "For a while I liked lettuce, but now I don't."
Duck Dynasty
   Saturday, Emma had a soccer game and it was freezing. It might quite possibly have been the coldest soccer game I have ever been to.  I almost flaked out and went to the van.  After she played, she invited one of her teammates to come home with her and escape the cold rather than staying and watching her brother and sister play. They were so very cold.  We came home and I made them hot cocoa on the stove and grilled cheese sandwiches. They played a while and came back for something to drink.  Emma got them mason jars down to drink out of. Her friend exclaims, "Hey!  Cool!!! This is just like Duck Dynasty!"  Elizabeth said, "Do you want me to make sweet tea? Then we can be just like Sye!" They happily drank their tea in their mason jars and declared themselves true rednecks! ;-)