Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anne Michal Turns Fourteen

I'd love to try to tell you how great this kid of ours is and how grateful I am for her and her life but I'd just flub it up so instead I think I'll just elegantly say, "BWAHHAAAHHHAAAA! She's mine!"

She likes to make my life easy and picks the same ice cream cake every year though we do mix up the flavors. The cake is made by crushing up oreos and putting them in the bottom of a cake pan. Next you pour hot fudge over them to hold them together(and to add to their yumminess) and then layer two flavors of ice cream. Last you top with whipped cream.

She spent the two weeks before her birthday vacationing with another family to help with their children so while she was gone Elizabeth and I did a bit of a redo in her room. We painted 3 of her walls(the red one stayed the same), made some pillows, some wall art, curtains and elizabeth painted her dresser drawers though I forgot to take a picture of those. She had no idea we were doing it. I tried to get her reaction on video but besides the fact my camera card surprised me by being full, she ducked out of the way when she saw the camera. She played it pretty cool but she really likes it! I am thinking about kicking her out and moving in myself!

The corner of her room with her bed.

The wall art....strips of fabric sewn on "ticker tape" style and then wrapped around a wooden frame from IKEA.
The pillows...the middle one is a shag pillow and the last one has chalk cloth on it so she can change what it says. I recently discovered they make chalk markers. They are dust free and the "chalk" stays on until you wash it off.

Her curtains. Her windows have been naked since we moved into this house so it is nice to have them dressed!Not a great picture but you can better see the fun polka design on the curtains.
Both Anne Michal and Elizabeth got new bikes this year as they had long outgrown their old ones so off they go with a bit of freedom some wheels give you.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mississippi Weekend Part II--Beach Pictures

We were able to go play on the beach twice while we were there. We went one morning with Mark and Robin and their kids and then Robin graciously kept Janey Kate while we went back late one afternoon. The kids had so much fun! It had been a long time since the older kids had been to the beach and the younger ones either hadn't been or didn't remember going!

chasing birds

Robin's Nathan
She absolutely love it!
Look! A train!
classic Jon Anderson pose
Robin's Sam with Jack

Everyone say, "Awwww..."

And never far from our minds, Elizabeth asked if we could write Knox's name in the sand

Things to Remember

Creed telling his Aunt Melissa over and over again, "I like you!"
---and by the way, he has three children, Lizzy, Aunt Melissa, and Grandma.

Shooshing Anne Michal and Elizabeth to tell them to go to sleep to have Anne Michal say, "We have a lot of catching up to do!" (She had been gone for 2 weeks) I am so glad they both love and like each other.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Creed Funny

We were in the van driving at naptime and Creed was in the back rubbing his eyes. I asked, "Are you sleepy?" He answers, "Yes....I mean no."

In other news, Janey Kate is now has a fake cough. Her favorite time to fake cough, of course, is while eating.