Sunday, December 23, 2012

Janey Kate Turns Two

   We are so incredibly thankful for our Mallory Jane Katharine!  She brings much joy and fun to our house.  I am sure she is a bit spoiled as everyone vies for her attention.  She is zany and full of energy.  She is stringing some words together in sentences and loves to be read to and sing songs. Outside is her favorite place to be and loves to go for wagon rides.  Here are some pictures from her special day!

 Eating a chik-fil-a lunch with her big brother.

Showing off the spin of her birthday dress!

opening presents

 Apparently it takes great strength and concentration.

 She got the same thing as last year...a doll stroller. She wore the other one out with the bazillion trips it took around the house!

 With her cake...homemade strawberry with homemade strawberry icing (the o-fficial anderson icing #2)
Then we started to sing and she wasn't so sure...

 and I guess we sound kind of scary when singing" Happy Bithday" or maybe just really loud!

She got over it and everyone blew out candles together.
Yum! Cake!