Monday, May 24, 2010

A couple of Funnies

Emma: Mommy, Did you potty train?
Me: Well, I don't still wear diapers.
Jon: Either she potty trained or she has had quite a string of luck for the last 37 years.
Emma: Well, I didn't know if they had invented panties back then.


Me: Creed, do not go stinky in your unders. Do not go stinky on Thomas. He would not like that; it is yucky.
Anne Michal: Ewwww!! I wonder how Hannah Montana feels about being on panties.

(* disclaimer for my daughter's reputation. She would undergo severe physical torture before she would own anything Hannah Montana. nor am I sure that H.M. is even on panties ;-) *)


Potty training provides many opportunity for lovely conversations!