Monday, May 24, 2010

A couple of Funnies

Emma: Mommy, Did you potty train?
Me: Well, I don't still wear diapers.
Jon: Either she potty trained or she has had quite a string of luck for the last 37 years.
Emma: Well, I didn't know if they had invented panties back then.


Me: Creed, do not go stinky in your unders. Do not go stinky on Thomas. He would not like that; it is yucky.
Anne Michal: Ewwww!! I wonder how Hannah Montana feels about being on panties.

(* disclaimer for my daughter's reputation. She would undergo severe physical torture before she would own anything Hannah Montana. nor am I sure that H.M. is even on panties ;-) *)


Potty training provides many opportunity for lovely conversations!


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Kelly said...

Glad I didn't have my coke at the computer, it'd be all over my screen! LOL.

J said...

Rachel...just made my way here from the Hutton's blog. This post is hilarious!!!

Hope you guys are well!

The Hutton Family said...

love these, Rachel! Priceless. Also, thanks for the article on joyfulness. I have been trying to practice this and passed it on to my sister. Thanks.