Thursday, May 28, 2009

Party Pics

Creed opening his present.

Riding his new toy...sort of...he needs to grow a bit more.
Elizabeth's turn.
When you are one you like the paper best.
Cuteness personified.
Cake time....I used Virginia's recipe here. It was fabulous.
Singing to Creed.

It took me 3 days to get all the blue icing out of his nose.
We ate the leftovers in the same way we ate cake on Knox's birthday. It was even better leftover, cold out of the fridge.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Elizabeth turns 10

We now have 2 in the double digits which of course does nothing but make me feel old!! Let me tell you about Elizabeth though. She is a real blessing to us and such a great sister. She absolutely adores her baby brother; it is very fitting that he was born 3 days before her birthday. In fact, he started saying Lizzy this last week which is not an easy word for a baby. She loves helping to take care of him and has not met a too-dirty diaper. She always greets him with a huge smile and a cheerful word. Anne Michal and she make a great team when it comes to helping me pick up the house and keep things in order. She is a great organizer too! She also enjoys helping Emma and Jack with their schoolwork. She has made great strides this year with her schoolwork too. She is much more independent and responsible to see what she needs to do and get it done. Her progress in reading and math has been phenomenal. It is fabulous to see her lounging on the couch enjoying a book. She has continued her artwork and has completed some great drawings this year. We are so grateful God gave us the blessing named Elizabeth. Thank you Elizabeth for brightening our lives with your smile.

The first two pictures we took outside of Blue Baker where I took her for a birthday lunch. She is as sweet as she looks.

And then I had to take pictures of my May birthday babies together. The adoration is mutual.

Party pictures tomorrow.