Thursday, February 7, 2013

Just the Ordinary

 This has been our life; just ordinary which is really extraordinary because that is where daily joy is found.

 Elizabeth has been french braiding Janey Kate's hair.  I can't figure out how she gets her to sit still that long.
 My new vinyl I cut for my van.  I find it way more hilarious than the rest of the family.

 Pretending to nap on my closet shelves. Creed was pretty certain he could sleep there all night.
 Jack and Emma both learned to make bread.
 I wish I had captured the joy on his face when he grinned sheepishly and said, "I sure had fun!"

 She loves to brush her teeth or to have them brushed.

 Thanks to pinterest we discovered the joys of an "under the table" hammock.
 I made a new dress for Janey Kate and it may be my new favorite pattern. She was tired and messing with her ear is a comfort thing for her.  That is her favorite purple paci.  It is really going to have to disappear...soon...
 Elizabeth strikes again as either the world's most creative 13 yr old or the greatest schoolwork procrastinator...or both.  I left to run a couple of errands and I came home to a fort made out of a drying rack full of fun details.
 A place for JK's baby on the side.
 Storage buckets hung with pipe cleaners.
The lucky younger siblings.
and Creed is learning to ride a two wheeler.