Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fishing and Shooting

 That has been a big part of the last couple of days.
 These girls are tireless when it comes to shooting. They shot at targets, clay pigeons, and golf balls.

 Loading her gun.

 That is loud!

 His target. This was his second time shooting.

 Her golfball...

Jack, Liz, Creed and I built a lean-to.

 Who needs toys when you have the woods. I wish I had gotten a picture of Creed letting a Granddaddy long-leg crawl all over him. Nothing creeps that kid out.

 The campsite where Jack and PopPop are camping tonight.

 The string of fish. Anne Michal and Creed caught the big one, an 18-in catfish.

 More fishing...

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bernheim Forest

   A couple of days ago we visited Bernheim Forest which is outside of Louisville, KY. It was such an amazing place; I am sure we will be going back. We barely scratched the surface!  It was so great to be outdoors surrounded by green, green, green everywhere!!! There were so many different trees and plants.  The kids enjoyed exploring so much and Jack and Emma had a lot of fun identifying some different things they had learned in botany this year. (Hey! You know who! Botany is not boring! ;-)) 
 Walking on a trail...Janey Kate walked a really long way that day up and down hills.
 We passed an area where different faere homes were built. The kids are ready to build their own now.

 Creed said, "Take my picture by this little habitat. (Habitat is one of his favorite words)
 Just because...
 Some people shared some bread with us and we fed, geese, ducks, and turtles.
 We explored the are around a neat little pond. This turtle was sunning itself.
 One of several frogs we saw.  God's design in camouflage is amazing.
 We saw lots of lichen and moss.  The forest was so damp compared to Texas. We were amazed at how wet(and cool) everything was and the wide variety of vegetation.

 Mom! Mom!  It is a squirrel barrow.  We think he meant burrow.

 See the moth?

 We went into an educational center and they had this amazing beehive. I don't know if you can see the tube by the hand but that is how the bees fly in and out.
 Walking across a model of the land in this region.  The knobs region is the area of Kentucky that is characterized by a lot of hills the same size. If you look out across the countryside, you can clearly see rolling hills of the same size. It is my favorite region.
 How Louisville bats are made.

They had all these pieces of woods for the kids to build with.

Creed, being very thoughtful and purposeful about what he was doing. I wish I had taken a picture of his finished product. He built a spider habitat and it was really neat and he explained what each part was.
 We finished up with a picnic snack and play in this great children's play area. There was a playground but even better than that lots of different things to explore and rocks to climb on. If we lived near by, I'd take them there all the time, stretch out with a good book and let them play and explore. The grand finale was JK's first trip to an outhouse, but I have no photographic evidence of that!