Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Rockstars of the Day

Rockstar #1  --Emma Claire Anderson
   For cleaning the kitchen up way past 10 yr old capability even though she is only 9.  This included even cleaning the cabinets with wood cleaner and mopping the kitchen floor by hand.  A wonderful surprise when I walked in the door after being gone all afternoon.

Rockstar #2 --Elizabeth Austen Anderson
   For cleaning the living room and dining room to a sparkly finish.  Besides her normal chores, she mopped by hand and cleaned my sewing area giving order to my piles of stuff.

Rockstar #3 --Anne Michal Anderson
   For being a very mature 14 year old who could have handled her own appt at the ENT including a CT scan and scheduling outpatient surgery without me if it weren't for all those pesky forms I had to sign as guardian.

Rockstar #4 ---Mallory Jane Katharine Anderson
   For napping all afternoon enabling her sisters to become the rockstars they were.

These fruitful days are the days that keep you going!!!!! Anderson girls rock!