Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Day...the PM volume

            After we ate lunch, we were ready to open presents.                              

 Creed was very ready. I love this picture because if you look out the window it looks like there is snow on the ground.


 Elizabeth with a picture Creed drew for her.  Jack and Creed made cards for everyone.
  Creed and Elizabeth opening presents together.
 Creed loves to build with his "wood" so Grandma added onto his set.  It amazes me what he can build.  Jack and Creed also got a bunch of army men so they have been building and playing with their army men together.    A funny thing about their army men is that some look like they are from the revolutionary war with muskets and colonel-type hats and some have on gas masks and some sort of gas weapon.  I don't think the boys have even noticed.

                                     Jack with some sort of bow and arrow hybrid gun thing.
Jon and Anne Michal checking out a CD.

                                     Poor Janey Kate napped through the present opening. She got a solo show later.

 As usual, we went to the Coleman's for dinner and the annual present exchange with all the kids. Creed is very anxiously looking on while Wade opens his train.

Spencer!  He informed me several weeks before Christmas, "I get trains for Christmas!'


Creed's buddy Noah opening his gift.  
 I love how everyone is always so interested in what everyone else is getting.
 A small touch of excitement....
 Janey Kate helps Anne Michal with her gift.

 Party is over and heading home,but thankful every day for the savior's birth!

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