Friday, May 8, 2009

Sea World Post II

Shamu...the star of the show. I always forget just how big the killer whales are.

My favorite part was the dolphin feeding cove. The kids got to feed and pet the dolphins. I let them have all the fun as I'd really rather not touch dead fish. Sometimes it pays to be the photographer.

Jon being silly.

I actually almost reached down and petted this one but those teeth somehow stopped me.

Creed and Grandma.

I think I already mentioned that it was hardly crowded at all. The kids loved this river ride. We kept riding it and then getting off and hopping right back on again. There were a few spots along the river where you could put a quarter in a machine and get two shots of water at people going down the river. I think I had a bit too much fun with that and really do feel badly about the 3 older ladies that I got a really good shot at. I am glad they laughed. ;-) Course they also had no idea where it came from. ;-) Jon is pointing out to the kids that I am about to soak them.

Ahhhh...perfect aim.

Just before we rode the last time, they turned the waterfall on, but we didn't know it. Not only did Jon and I get "lucky" enough to go under the waterfall full force but everything else that could soak us that time did as well. So here we are right at the end of the day when we no longer have time in the sun to dry us off: the soaking-wet-family.
Anne Michal wanted to share her ice cream with Creed. They all wanted to make sure he had a fun time.

The kids requested Cracker Barrel and who can resist some blackberry pancakes?

Checkers require deep concentration.

Creed gives the trip a thumbs up!

Being cute on the ride home.

The best part of the trip was taking it slow and enjoying the days...watching the kids have fun experiencing new things...seeing part of God's creation that we normally don't see...being reminded what treasures our children really are.

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