Friday, June 26, 2009

My Recent Decree

I get these wacky ideas every now and then. Well, really, I get them frequently I just tend to suppress them most of the time rather than running with them. So my current wacky idea...lately, my peoples(a.k.a my children) have been worrying a bit too much about fairness. I don't do "fair." Life isn't fair(didn't our moms all teach us that) so you might as well learn that young and while you are still at home and the stakes are small.
I started hearing children worrying about who was getting to do what or even worse who had to do what and children not wanting to accidently do someone else's job for them. I even was starting to hear that dreaded phrase "That isn't fair."
Since I don't do fair, I made a decree this morning that I was going to be mixing things up for a while. Nobody will know when I might ask them to do anything and it might just be a siblings regular chore. *gasp* When asked to do something the only acceptable response(as always) is "Yes, Ma'am" and obedience. No one can say, "But that is someone else's job" or ask what someone else is going to be doing. I might even have one child do all the chores in one day. I might let one child have soda for lunch and have everyone else drink water. No complaining is allowed.
Of course, I'll have to fight the urge to make sure that in the end it is all balanced out in the end. That the person who cleans the most gets the biggest treat or the one that gets the raw end of the deal one day gets a good deal the next. I'll fight that urge, because last I knew "Life isn't Fair!"

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Aunt Melissa said...

I love it!! You are soooo with it sister!!