Saturday, August 8, 2009

Before and Afters

I dumped the pictures off of Anne Michal's camera to empty it for her trip to the Boundary Waters and found some interesting pictures. One set of pictures were before and afters she had taken while cleaning her room. I had done that one other time with the kids and found it was very motivating for them to get it done and do it well. Here are a couple:

Note the library she has stored on her trundle.

While this looks like a mess on the floor(and it is), it does say a few things about her and what she likes...there is the Braves folder; she is a huge fan...books; she loves to read...the little pillow is made from one of her favorite shirts that Knox wore...slingshot; she loves outdoorsy stuff...I spy-type picture; Jack and she stretch out on the floor and do those together. Her mess gives a glimpse into her world. I do, however, have to point out the empty trash can in the bottom right-hand corner. ;-)

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