Sunday, September 6, 2009

Children in Worship Revisited

It is no secret that we like to have our kids in worship with us and if I were a good organized blogger I would direct you to my original post on this issue, but I am not so only today's thoughts count!
We had missed 4 Sunday's in row in our church, and we were all looking forward to once again worshiping at Westminster today. I walked in a bit late and the big kids were all in "our" pew and Jon was in the pulpit area(tomorrow he'll read this and remind me of the technical name and I'll edit it) preparing to lead the confession of sins. I walked into the pew with Creed, and did my usual telling of everyone to scoot down to make room. Creed was so excited. He wanted to plop himself down on the pew just like everyone else. I could tell by the expression on his face that he was pleased as punch to be there. It reminded me of how excited he was to walk back into our house after being gone for almost 4 weeks. He was happy to be home; both the home we live in and the home where we worship with our fellow believers. Sure he is only 15 months old and he doesn't always last he whole service and sure he doesn't "listen" to everything, but it amazes me what he does take in. He can't talk and tell me what he has heard or learned, but if I watch his face and his body language, I know he hears and God's word does not fall void. Not only do I know that he does hear, but he partakes as well. He stands when we stand, he sings(and dances ;-)) when we sing, and I say the Lord's Prayer in his ear knowing it won't be long before he knows it himself.
Yes it was good to be at Westminster today with our covenant family worshiping all together. I am forever thankful for a church that cherishes worshiping with its children. It is a great gift they are given. You decide who gets the gift: the adults worshiping with the children or the children worshiping with the adults. I am quite certain it is both.


Anonymous said...

Aw, that made me cry!


Sean Brandt said...

But did he get bread and wine? :)

Nan said...