Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Why do I now keep popped popcorn on my counter?

The kids love to eat it as breakfast cereal! They put milk and a sprinkling of sugar on it. I got the idea from a friend who says they read about it in one of the Little House on the Prairie books. I didn't remember reading that, but after some digging around discovered it is in The Farmer Boy. Consider it the first puffed cereal.

It is actually a nutritious part of breakfast. It is a whole grain and if you air pop it or pop it on the stove like I do in my handy-dandy whirlypop, it all natural. You can't beat an inexpensive, nutritious, and fun breakfast!


lanabag said...

Good Eats Alton Brown talks about popcorn for breakfast also. I need to see if my kids would like it. They love popcorn as a snack.

Amanda said...

We need to give it a try. We eat lots of popcorn here.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Hmm. Ick? I don't know. LOL But thanks for sharing!!!