Friday, February 5, 2010

Having an Open Mind

I think the general population sees having an open mind as being tolerant, accepting, and saying anything goes. I think that has just about been accomplished now. Almost nothing I see surprises me, and little shocks. In terms of "conservative" and "liberal", the liberal veiwpoint is seen as being openminded and the conservative view point as being closedminded. I tend to disagree.
I think it is much easier to just go with the flow and question nothing and allow everything. We all get to do exactly as we please that way and at least think we are in control and setting our own course of life. What I think is harder is to actually think through things. To actually consider what might be wrong or what might be right. I have actually had people tell me they don't want to think too hard about different topics because they know if they do then they will conclude to do or believe the opposite of their current position!!
Take abortion for starters...those who are pro-choice don't want to cast judgement on themselves or others. They insist it is the mother's right to choose. I find that interesting since God is the giver and creator of life, but let's assume you don't believe that to be true. What sort of things play into the pro-choice decision. Is it just the right to be able to do whatever you want without any consequences at all? Is it thinking about the actual process of an abortion? When you can miscarry in the first trimester and actually see the baby in its completeness, it is hard to argue that a fetus is not a baby? When you take time to learn that a second trimester abortion involves the ripping apart of body parts as they are extracted from the mother, can you call it anything but mutilation and death? When you take a pill that causes a spontaneous abortion and you discover the agony and pain that accompanies it as well as possible "passing" the baby intact, you know all too late that abortion is something cruel and unusual. Interestingly, many pro-choice people think they are protecting women and their rights, but what they might not realize is the pain, agony, and sorrow that follows most abortions. The regret, the guilt, and the horror can almost be too much to bear. I think it would be more open-minded to think of just what an abortion does to a woman. Once it is done, it can't be taken back. So maybe those who think those who are pro-life are so close-minded might realize that our minds are wide open. Wide open to the truth of what abortion really is and the hurt and the sorrow that it causes. My prayer would be not only that those who are pro-choice would have their eyes, hearts and minds opened, but those of use that are pro-life would readily minister to and comfort those who ache from an abortion.


Amanda said...

Very well said. Thank you.

Courtney said...

Amen, amen! I love this post Rachel!