Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Conversation with Emma

This would be conversation #2 about worms with Emma so maybe I should call this her irrational fear. She gets out of bed ....

Em: Mom, can worms go through you?
Me: Why? Did you eat one? (I am trying to suppress a giggle here)
Em: No. But can they crawl through your skin.
Me: No. (forgive me because I don't think I was entirely truthful here but I blocked out most of a conversation regarding this subject that I had with other people; denial is sometimes a good place to be)
Em: They can't? Anne Michal said they could. (blast those older sisters!!!!)
Me: Well, maybe the worms in like Indonesia can but not ones in America. (once again forgive me but I was drawing from that other conversation)
Em: Well, can they come from Indonesia to America?
me: No.
Em: Are you sure?
Me: yes. They can't cross the ocean.
Em: Well, can they climb on a ship and come that way?
Me: No.
Em: Why not?
Me: because worms just don't climb on ships.
Em: Can they jump?
Me: No and I think you just need to go to bed!


Anonymous said...

She offered some excellent questions.
I think she needs a unit study on worms.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.