Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Southern Children

There are days that I wonder if I have the slowest children on the planet. Some are slower than others, but all of them move really slow. The only time they move fast is when they are playing a running game. I have one that eats so slow that she is still eating 30 min after the rest of us are done. I tell her it is a good thing that she doesn't go to school because she'd never get more than 2 bites of her lunch eaten. When we are doing chores I let them put music on. They should work faster, right? Nope. There is no cleaning to the beat in this house!!!
This morning we were running late for swim lessons. They all knew we were running late. I sent a kid in to get something that had been left inside. The tortoise could have beaten her back in the house and out again. When she was sauntering back to the van, looking all around her without a care in the world, I honked the horn. She said, "What?" "We are late! remember?" She just laughed because she knew she was moving slow as molasses.
That is when it hit me!!! They were all born in the south!!! They only have one speed...s-l-o-w!! It really isn't their fault. It all has to do with geographical location. I, would however, be interested in any tips in how to overcome this geographical defect.

P.S. Tortoise daughter said this was a funny post but thanks for not mentioning her name. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Come visit us. Joe will teach you to walk fast.

Ashlee said...

My advice would be to make changes slowly whatever you do. ;)

Anonymous said...

You didn't have to mention any names; I know of whom you speak.

Caroline said...

Oh, this is so funny. I think I can guess which one it was too. :) BUT, this totally explains soooooo much about Gideon! And the reactions of his Yankee born mom. But Rachel, weren't you born in the south? So you should get it, right?