Saturday, January 15, 2011

Funnies from Today

I was on my way to take Creed to the potty when the doorbell rang so I handed him off to Elizabeth to take while I answered the door. Creed comes out of the bathroom and I ask him if he went. He says, " I had a little bit of luck."

We had chili for supper. Jack thinks he doesn't like it. The kids are all at the bar and I am at the table eating. He comes over and sits down with a forlorn look. I look up and grin really big at him because I know he wants to pout about dinner and a smile discourages a frown. He looks up at me as serious as can be and says, "I am fasting tonight."

*I am laughing all over again.*


Wanting What I Have said...

The husband and I are laughing out loud! Your children are PRECIOUS!!!

Our Home said...

Oh, those are keepers! Love em.

Cathy said...


Caroline said...

He he, in 80 years he'll be saying the same thing. Creed, not Jack.