Saturday, January 1, 2011

Janey Kate is One Month Old

I can't believe it has been a month already(5weeks now really). She passed the 4 week mark on Christmas Day and I had to clarify with Jon that it had really been 4 weeks and not just 3. Time is already flying with this sweet girl. I remember saying with Creed that #6 was just as amazing as the first 5 and I can say the same about #7. If anything there is more to marvel over than less. I get to do this again rather than I have to do this again. I actually wrote the following the other day but it seemed fitting to post it with her one month picture.

I keep looking at Janey Kate and being amazed. It seems silly when I have done this a time or two before but it seemed different. My body seemed so broken while I was pregnant with all the back and leg pain I experienced that it just amazes me to have this whole being, so tiny, and well-knit together. I feel so blessed.

It reminds me of how when I look at Creed I am amazed to see his beautiful smiling, ever joyful face. I was so sad while pregnant with him and full of grief and sleepless nights, I was just sure he'd be the most melancholy kid ever but instead God blessed me with the life of the party that brings a smile to the face of every path he crosses. I feel so blessed.

Just a reminder that God works his own wonderful plans in spite of my brokenness. I am dependent on Him not Him on me. My children are His before they are mine. Ultimately, they are under His loving care which far exceeds mine.
Posing with her bunny that is going to gauge her growth. She wasn't very happy about it. ;-)


Ashlee said...

I love your attitude. Your encouragement makes me look forward to having a big family if God so chooses to bless us. Thanks Rachel :), that really does mean a lot to me.

greatishisfaithfulness said...

Thanks for sharing those thoughts. And your JK is just precious. The socks look great!