Friday, February 11, 2011

Chicken Pot Pie: The Continuing Story

So my picky eater cleans his plate (and then wolfs down a PB&J because he is still hungry but no way is eating another serving) and my not-so-picky 13 year old picks out all the peas and leaves them behind. I find myself telling my mom that there was a time that she liked peas. She liked them until we started listening to Sandra Boyton's Rhinocerous Tap CD and the song O, Lonely Peas that goes a little like this:

Dinner is over. I like what I ate,

Except for the peas, which are still on my plate.

O, Lonely Peas, so green, so round, and so small.

O, Lonely Peas, there’s no on who loves you at all…

I guess when you are two and are singing about how no one likes peas at all then you take it so seriously that you hate them too.

While we are on the topic of Rhinocerous Tap, I might as well add that we listened to this CD a lot when Anne Michal was two and Elizabeth was a baby. They song Bad, Bad Babies was a humorous way we all dealt with Elizabeth's incessant crying. Here is a tidbit of those lyrics:

I’m five years old, so you can take it from me -

These babies are never what you want them to be.

They whine and they bite, they chew on your toys,

And oh, do they make the most terrible noise!

Bad babies, they yell and they cry.

Bad, bad babies – you never know why.

They never ever do the things that they should.

Oh, bad babies, why can’t you be good?

I know; it sounds terrible doesn't it? It helped us laugh and cope. In reality, I remember people would ask me if she was a good baby. Some of my standard answers were "She'd like to be good. Really she would" and "She isn't bad, just high maintenance."

The two year old turned pea traitor

And she looks way too sweet to be high maintenance.

And nope, my babies look nothing alike.

(Janey Kate)


Kierstyn said...

Love the pictures!

And despite the fact that I've been blessed to know and see three Anderson babies, I still can't believe how much they look a like!!

Kelly J. said...

We love that cd and Philadelphia Chickens, too.

CUTE dresses and babies. LOVE the aqua and red combo.