Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Happy Surprise

We usually go to Sonic Happy Hour on Tuesday afternoons but since Janey Kate was born it has been a bit hit or miss. Knowing Monday was going to be the last nice day for a while, we surprised the kids with a different sort of Happy Hour. We told them we were going to go walk on a walking trail and drove to Wolf Pen Creek.

Time was running out when we got there so I know they were wondering why we were hurrying them along the path. It didn't help that it had been a couple of years since I had walked this path and didn't know exactly where I was going. They figured it out when they say this:

The trail runs behind Harvey Road for a bit and Sonic has a little area set up back behind their parking lot with tables and a place you can order.
Creed got his first Sprite. Up until now, he had been getting an ice water. He asked for a cherry coke, but loved his Sprite.
Afterward we took our time, enjoying the 70 degree weather and exploring the park.
Creed chased a squirrel and treed him. The two of them kept circling the tree. When Creed gave up on catching the squirrel, he said the squirrel had to go do its science.

We saw lots of things including a beaver I didn't get a picture of as it was moving too fast and my camera was too slow in getting out.
This shopping cart didn't move so fast so I managed to get a shot of it.
And then were glad to see as we came back around the cart being "rescued" by some city parks rescued.
It was nice to see some flowers. (if they are really weeds please do not burst my bubble...thank you!)

Jon standing on the edge over the creek. He likes to do things like that to freak me out.

Janey Kate spent part of the walk like this...
and part like this...

Jon and Jack spot another squirrel.

They all decided this was the best way to "do" Happy Hour.

A parting picture!


Brian said...

Weeds are in the eyes of the beholder. If it has a flower on it, it is a flowering plant. It's a flower. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...