Monday, February 28, 2011

It's 9:15 am; what's everyone doing?

Mom was teaching Jack to wash dishes today(Go Mom!) and wanted me to take some pictures so I decided to take pictures of what all the kids were doing.

Here is Jack showing me this messy pan he was getting ready to clean. The crazy boy was very excited.
His dedicated teacher looking on while he scrubbed the skillet.

Now off to find Creed...
There is he is on Anne Michal's bed "reading" an I Spy book.
Another view to show off some cute piggies.

Oh and look in the hallway is Anne Michal. She is emptying a clothes basket of all the items that no one has wanted to claim for quite some time.
She was asking, "Whose is this Mom?" Then she looks up to see the camera and asks, "MOM! What are you doing?"
"Seriously, Mom, don't take my picture." You'd think she was 13 or something.

I wonder where Emma is?
Looking out the living room window, I find her out on the swing with Janey Kate. I don't know for sure, but I bet she was telling her a story or singing her a song.

I still need to find Elizabeth.
I walk back by Anne Michal who is still trying to hide from the camera and open the door to Elizabeth and Emma's room.
There she is working on her writing like a good student! (She wasn't too thrilled either to have her picture taken, but she didn't hide!)

I wonder how Jack did on that skillet?

Looks pretty good!! He asked if he could be the official dishwasher from now on. I told him to knock himself out. I wonder how long until the novelty wears off...


Christi said...

I really liked this post. It's a cute glimpse into every day life. Can you do me a favor? Ask Jack to start talking to Alexis about how AWESOME washing dishes can be. That is my least favorite chore and I'd love to pass it off to her. :-)

R said...

I concur . . . sweet post! Also, if you can bottle up that washing-dishes enthusiasm, I'll take a case of it!
Rachel B.

Rachel said...

Caleb likes washing dishes, too. This was a fun glimpse into the workings of your morning.

Peggy said...

when Jack gets married, you ought to give this post to his wife as a wedding present. i am sure she will be very thankful. great posts of all the kids.