Sunday, July 17, 2011

Emma Turns Nine!!!

I had to use exclamation points because she was soooooo excited!!! This girl is definitely full of life and often dancing around and singing songs. I am not sure how it can be possible that she is 9. I am pretty sure it was just yesterday that she was Janey Kate's age.

The birthday banner has been up since May. A few more days and we'll retire it until October.
Her dinner request was strawberries, grapes and whipped cream. We also had other fruit and sub sandwiches.

She also wanted a chocolate cake with pink icing. I looked up a strawberry icing recipe and I think it will be an official Anderson icing. I am not a big cake person but this was a great cake!

Posing in her birthday outfit. I try to make her one each year. I managed to work on this one on the sly and she was quite surprised.
She also got some clay; Jack , she, and I made some paperclips, thumbtacks, beads, and pendants this afternoon.

Some of the projects cooling.

We love you and your nine-year old self Emma Claire!

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