Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Creed Funny

One of Creed's new things is to ask for 5 more minutes. If i tell him it is time to go to bed or take a nap, he is going to say, "Can I have 5 more minutes?" And when I tell him no, he is going to ask, "Can I have 3 more minutes?" He has also been known to then ask for 7 more minutes...heehee.

Today at naptime he started his usual 5 more minutes dialogue and I told him he could have zero more minutes. I didn't even consider that the might have no clue what zero meant until as I was putting him to bed he is crying, "But you said I could have zero more minutes!!!"

and so I did, son, so I did.

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Caroline said...

Ah, the blossoming of mathematical understanding does not (yet) include zero. :) love that creed. Thanks for sharing about the start of school and remembering Knox. You have blessed even those of us who didn't know Knox by being authentic. We love you.