Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October 2011 Book Log

Death Penalties by Paula Gosling

The Wychford Murders by Paula Gosling

Dead on Arrival by Patricia Hall

The Italian Girl by Patricia Hall

Our Lady of Immaculate Deception by Nancy Martin

Sticky Fingers by Nancy Martin

Hardscape by Justin Scott

Mausoleum by Justin Scott

Stonedust by Justin Scott

The Dragon's Tooth by N.D. Wilson

False Picture by Veronica Heley

Comeback by L.L. Enger

Jesus Made in America: A Cultural History from the Puritans to The Passion of Christ by Stephen Nichols

The Bible Made Impossible: Why Biblicism is not a Truly Evangelical Reading of Scripture by Christian Smith

The Gospel and The Mind: Recovering and Shaping the Intellectual Life by Bradley Green

Thinking, Loving, Doing: A Call to Glorify God with Heart and Mind by John Piper

Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke

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