Friday, January 13, 2012

Celebrating 8!

 Jack turned 8 last Friday, but he wanted to wait until my parents got into town to celebrate.  They  have been here since Wednesday afternoon, but then he had to wait until Daddy had an evening free from work.  He has been a very patient kid! I had a lazy idea after not having wrapped his gifts so I asked him if he would rather I go wrap his gifts or if he wanted me to hide them and he could find them.  You can probably guess what he picked.  He hid in the pantry and we hid his gifts. 
The photographer missed the first hunt and find; a playmobil spy car hidden in his top bunk. 

 The second gift was a battleship game where you build your ships out of legos.

 Heading back down the hall...
 Where could they be?  ( I wonder if I'll have to take this one down tomorrow?)
 Off for gift Number 3...
 Behind the laundry tubs he found a baseball training thing.  The kid is crazy about baseball.
 Creed right in his usual spot waiting for cake.  He seriously loves some cake. He had been wanting it since breakfast.
 Old monkey still comes around every now and then especially on special days.  I'll be sorry when he doesn't hang out with us at all any more.  He has been by Jack's side through a lot.

 Blowing out candles. That is not pink icing; it is raspberry icing. ;-) One of the most requested cakes at our house is the ice cream cake I make. I have always used cool whip or whipped cream as the topping, but he asked for me to try it with our homemade strawberry icing.  He picked a raspberry ice cream so we decided to make a raspberry icing instead.  It was a hit!
 I think Creed is telling Grandma how big a piece he wants.
I think I ate too much.  I am even blurry.

Happy Birthday Jack!!  You are one special kid!!!

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