Thursday, September 13, 2012

At the End of the Day...

  From time to time I read articles or blog posts about how blogs and facebook aren't reality.  All you see is the good parts of people and those reading it are misled to think that you lead an idyllic life where nothing goes wrong and everything is peachy keen.
   I can't really be accused of this completely because I write about Knox and our grief and losing a child can hardly be included in the recipe for the perfect life, but I also realize that is probably the only area of my life that I write about that doesn't seem rosy. 
   There is a reason for that; a reason that goes beyond not airing my families sins in public or not wanting to weigh everyone down with negative posts and status updates. I don't do it because I want everyone to think we have it all together.  That would be crazy!!! Trust me!!!  I do it because my goal is to choose joy in my days and at the end of the day, it is the good moments I want to remember; I want to record the rights and not the wrongs.
   I want to remember Janey Kate's first cute little pigtails with the hairbows she picked out rather than the number of times she wet her pants, Creed drawing ice cream on a piece of paper and taping it up in a box to give to his Mimi for her birthday instead of throwing a fit over a green bean, Lizzy offering to walk Jack through making a cake rather than them arguing over the clean up, Emma working on her schoolwork diligently and getting done in a timely fashion than having to remind her to do her chores several times, and  Anne Michal doing a great job cleaning up the dining area aka school area aka craft area instead of complaining that no one helped her pick up.  (these may or may not be true events ;-) ) 
   It doesn't matter if I have a horrible, no good, I think I'll move to Australia kind of day, I can guarantee you that  at some point I have laughed even if it was because so many thing were going wrong it was ridiculous, smiled because I have seen something beautiful,  marveled at some provision from God, been amazed at something one of the kids have done, or have just had some peaceful moments amongst chaos.
 All those little things throughout the day that attempt to steal my joy are just that: little things.  Those don't compare to what I have been given which is much, much more than I deserve. So when it comes to the end of the day, I can't feel anything but blessed...blessed beyond measure.


Wanting What I Have said...

Such an encouraging blessing to read! Amen! Def gives me something to ponder.

greatishisfaithfulness said...

Well, you definitely blessed my socks off w/ this post!!

Shelley said...

Very well said...thank you sharing. I too choose joy :) Blessings

Anne said...

Beautiful post! Love it.