Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Joy of a Sunday

  This past Sunday wasn't one of those stellar Sundays in the child behavior department though I wonder if the people that sit behind us ever think we have a stellar Sunday in that regard! We had to go out way too many times. Add in the things like Janey Kate grabbing my finger and trying to stick it up her nose leaving me shaking my head but trying not to laugh! But as always, it is a joy. Let me explain.
   Every day, all week long, she follows me around. She wants to be where I am and doing what I am doing. She is naturally curious and always learning by observing, repeating, and trying things out. She questions all I do wanting to know why I am doing what I am doing, what I am doing next, where I am going, and can she go to. She wants to help and participate. If I am in the kitchen, she is right there with her stool. If I am on my phone, she wants to talk too. If I go to the store, she wants to push the cart and pick out food. She loves to wear my shoes both literally and figuratively!
   Sunday is the best day. It is the day I have the best to offer.  On Sunday, we go to worship the King and I don't have to---but I get to.  I get to help her learn to worship.  I get to let her be a part of a family that worships together. Just like the rest of the week, she is watching, learning, and imitating. Just like the rest of the week, there is work involved.  It doesn't all miraculously fall into place just because we are in church.  But maybe best of all, is that while it may seem like I am offering a lot of do's and don'ts (do be quiet, don't go out in the aisle,do sit down, don't jump on the pew), I am really saying a lot of yes's. There are no distractions and yes, she can participate. Yes, I am not too busy for you to be right on my lap. Yes, you can sing with me right now. Yes, we get to pray now. Yes, we get to listen to Pastor Wade or Daddy. I get to share all of it with her without reservation.
    Sundays are when she gets the best part. She gets the best part of me--relaxed, focused, and without the distractions of daily life. She gets the best part of our family as she learns to be a part of a family that worships the King. She gets the best part of the week spending part of her day with a body of believers. This, all of this and much more, is the joy of a Sunday.


Carin Fredere said...

Love this!

Leah Colleen Worley said...

Really wonderful! All parents should read this.