Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Character "stuffs"

    Sometimes people have trivial dislikes and pet peeves. By sometimes people, I mean me. One of mine is clothing and shoes with characters on them. I have some weird hierarchy of dislike and peevishness in my mind. Disney princesses and children's cartoon characters are the worst. Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie and gang  are okay unless Minnie is being all sultry (what in the world is that all about????) Superheroes are best if I like the colors and designs(not that far off from picking sports teams based on color and design of uniform).
  I used have a hard fast rule of no character anything.  No clothes, no shoes, no backpacks. The only exception was unders and jammas. I still really don't care for them; I find most of them tacky, but something made me lighten up and relax over something so silly. A little boy named Knox had a certain fascination with the movie "Cars."

   In the "Cars" watching zone. Totally checked out on life and I am sure drooling as a bonus. 

   After he was gone, I'd see all sorts of Cars stuff, and I'd think about how much he'd love it and wish I could get it for him. As a result, I let it go (no pun intended and I still have not indulged JK in a princess shirt but it may never know).  Yesterday, we were scouring the town for a size 13 pair of cleats for Creed for soccer and finally found one loan pair at Payless Shoes. They were having a b1g1 half off sale and lo and behold they also had these and I actually kind of think they are cook. Shhhhhhhh......

And I just had to get memory of a little boy mesmerized by Cars that would probably now be infatuated with super heroes.

 Elizabeth picked out his outfit; superhero shirt and superhero shoes.  I apologize for all those whose pet peeve of mixing universes has now just been activated.

 The smile on his face says it all. :-)


Beth said...

Sometimes it is worth to do something that might not be our preference but the joy and smiles are worth it.

Boysnberries' Brambles said...

love this! our hierarchy is the same. funny that...