Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alzheimer's defense

Playing word games is a scientifically proven way to help ward off Alzheimer's disease. Since some days it already seems too late, I probably should play a lot of word games. I love to play scrabble. Jon doesn't like to play and has his own special set of rules; I play with the kids but the competition isn't that stiff. I also play with a few friends on facebook. I keep a few games going. They are always there and you can take as long as you want to play a game; sometimes a game can take over a week to finish.
When you play a game on facebook, you have to give it a name. My friend Peggy started a game with my friends Carol and Kiersten and me. She named it "winner gets a chocolate bunny." I asked if that was really true and she it was but that she was going to go ahead and eat the ears because that was the best part(sometimes I think I have rather eccentric friends.) The game took so long that she started to longily look at its yellow candy eyes. Then temptation bested her and an eye disappeared. The game finally ended with myself as the winner gaining possession of the remainder of the chocolate bunny.

The bunny missing the ears and eye. Jon snagged the other

Anne Michal felt sorry for the missing ears so she replaced them.


Sharing with the second place winner....

The board....


Anonymous said...

maybe the alzheimers has already kicked in and the ears were really there and you just ate them and forgot. that is
a very likely scenario.

i have to post as anonymous because i forgot my sign-in name. peggy

andrea said...

YOU CAN PLAY SCRABBLE ON FACEBOOK???!!!! Fiona is the only one who will play with me, oh, and a friend when visiting from Ohio. How do I get in on the action?