Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This and That

Today, I was doing Elizabeth's grammar lesson with her while Anne Michal played with Creed. Part of the lesson was knowing when to use this and when to use that. One of Creed's new things is to point to everything and want you to tell him about them. While Anne Michal was playing with him, he was pointing to things and she realized that he was saying what sounded like "this" when he would point. It reminded me that when she was his age she did exactly the same thing except she said, "that?" instead. In fact, she knew almost all the alphabet by 18 months because she would point to different letters and I'd tell her what they were. After doing that for a while, I wondered if she actually knew them and I could say "a" and she would point to the right letter. She thought that was really neat that he was doing the same thing that she used to do.

Here are a couple of pictures from the day. He was such an Anne Michal's boy today. He fell and bonked his head and only wanted her after that.

See the tear in his eye. Elizabeth picked him up after this picture and wiped his eye because she said he couldn't have a tear in his eye in a picture. No, he isn't spoiled.Here is pointing at the camera.

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