Monday, October 26, 2009

Full of Personality

When he sees the camera aimed at him, he tries to smile but just squints instead.

His favorite thing to do is eat. "Eat" and "Drink" were some of his first words. Here he is trying to climb in his highchair. I need to get a video of his wild arm waving that he does when he wants more(while he still has a mouthful of course)

I tend to see the back of him a lot as he loves to run. If he thinks I am going to change his diaper or put him to bed he takes off running; yet, if I say, "Let's go to Creed's bed," he walks there himself!

I caught him raising his eyebrows. He is outside which is his favorite place to be. He is forever bringing us his shoes in hopes someone will take him outside.


Anonymous said...

You are too cute, Creed!

--Hannah A.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh HOW CUTE!!! Thanks for sharing these. So good that he likes to be outside! What a good boy. Ü