Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Craft #3 and bonus

I finally finished the advent calendar for 2009. Thanks to everyone that gave me red scraps for it. Each pocket is lined with a different fabric as well. Bible verses from Luke will go in this one. I have no clue why a playmobile pirate flag got placed in #24 or why I didn't notice it before I took the picture.
Then thanks to Andrea T. for the inspiration, I made this bucket out of a coffee bean bag. It has a circular bottom with a diameter of 14 in and the height is 11 in. It was going to be a gift but seeing as how I made the thing so that all the writing is upside down!!!! it is now mine and it looks esp nice housing all my red fabrics. ;-)


Electra Maven said...

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ps: congrats for the beautiful family! Great pics ;)

Ms. Trisa said...

Wow.......that looks kool. You are so creative.

Victoria said...

Fantastic idea. I've been wanting to make an advent calendar for a long time and seeing your photo has given me some ideas how to do so. Thanks for sharing.