Saturday, December 5, 2009

Random pictures from our day...

We had a rather busy Saturday today and everyone accomplished something.

Her is Anne Michal with her granola that she made. We forgot to double it so will have to make more very soon.
Elizabeth made toffee for her Sunday School party tomorrow.

I put my crockpot to work making yogurt.

And this is my new BFF. Elizabeth adn Emma named her Ruby. She helped me make vegetable soup today.

Emma wanted to make some Christmas ornaments for her Sunday School teachers.

Creed is excellent at making a mess and does his job well.
And we never have to worry about dehydration with him because he drinks plenty of water. He kept switching cups.

And this is a hint of the advent calendar that will hopefully finish very soon!

And if you wonder where Jack wa and what he was doing, he mostly just laid low recovering from a stomach bug, but he did read the directions to Anne Michal for making the granola. I thought that was pretty cool, but didn't get a picture!


Anonymous said...

Ha! I just made the exact same BFF, and she's been helping me make tons of goodies! (Her bread is amazing!) Btw, AM looks more like you every time I see her pic!!

Anonymous said...

Oops - I didn't mean to be anonymous. That's what I get for trying to comment from my mobile! - Debbie D.