Saturday, April 3, 2010

First Annual Good Friday Tea

The Menu:
Hot Cross Buns
Little Smokies
Cheese cubes
Carrots and Cucumbers
jelly beans
peanut m&m's
strawberries and whipped cream

The kids all helped me make everything and set the table. They repeatedly told me how great dinner was and declared it needed to be a new tradition. ;-)

Anne Michal icing the hot cross buns with a cross.

The finished buns.
Elizabeth peeling carrots.

The jelly bean snitch.

Anne Michal took a picture of the bowl of jellybeans. It does look pretty with all the colors.
Devotions with Daddy.

And a sticky, happy mess!!!


Kierstyn said...

Looks lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!

Marian said...

:) Love it!

Caroline said...

Of course it should be a tradition!

Anonymous said...

Jelly beans!!