Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Trip to Roundtop

A group of us went to Roundtop to enjoy the scenery on the way and way back and to eat at this little cafe.
Here is the gang waiting to order. PSA: take a jacket with you.

They are famous for their pies.
This one is their strawberry Rhubarb which emma had. Jack and I had apple and Anne Michal and Elizabeth had cherry. I think there was also some peach and pecan eaten at our table as well.

These two sweeties sat all huddles together on one end of the table and shared their lunch and pie with each other.
After we ate we walked around the town and chekced out some of the shops. Emma and Lizzy had their own.
A car parked on the street.

Oh look! A little house just for Creed!
Some scenery on teh way back.

Some Oreo cows.

A neat little bridge.
We found this fabulous field of bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes. They were so thick and tall. We stopped and took a few pictures.

It was a beautiful, fun-filled day!


Keli said...

Beautiful! We were driving thru central Texas a few weeks ago and the bluebonnets were just coming out. Wish we could see them now!

Caroline said...

Okay, totally off the subject, but did you make Anne Michal's skirt?

Anonymous said...

great photos, great time, peggy

Susan said...

Those pictures in the flowers are gorgeous!!! Perfect for framing. ;)

Debbie Daniel said...

My Emma very much wants to visit that field of flowers. ;-)